Month: June 2019

May Challenge Results 2019

This year, I challenged myself once again to write every day in the month of May. I decided that I’d count the words from either blog posts or stories, and that my goal would be to have an average of 2,500 words per day.
I succeeded!

I have some new blog posts that I plan to put up when I get a chance, and I have a bunch of new stories that I plan to either self-publish or submit somewhere.

Not only that, but I’ve decided to get a goal for the rest of the year to keep up with a 500 words per day average. I’m already quite behind, because I’m pretty tired from my annual May Challenge, and because my Fucking Day Job keeps me pretty busy and tired.

But the nice thing about a word-per-day AVERAGE is that it’s easy to catch up when I miss some days. One good day of writing where I crank out 5-10k worth of words will catch me up on 10-20 days worth of meeting my goal!
This will hopefully mean that I’m much more active with this blog, in addition to increasing my stock of erotic stories on Amazon!

Beyond that, I’ve continued to generally plug away this past year, trying to self-promote, write, and so forth. I’ve got my short story “Rogering Nadine” published in Rachel Kramer Bussel’s “Erotic Teasers” anthology, which is nice, and some other stories accepted into other anthos as well.

I’ve decided to hire a professional artist to do cover art for my BDSM Superhero series “Bait & Switch,” which is about a pretty girl named Betty who gets repeatedly into trouble, only to be saved and sexed by a leather-clad mystery man who carries a kind of rod (or switch!) as a weapon.

I’ve only got one story in the series published so far, because one of my biggest bottlenecks in production is Cover Art! I’m lousy at it, so the cover is crappy, so it doesn’t sell as well as it should. My plan is to invest heavy in a good, professional illustration to use as a cover not only for the first installment in the series, but for all future installments as well. I’d rather have each “issue” (I think of them as basically pictureless erotic comic books) get its own original art, but that’s well beyond my budget and skills at this time. Buying a single piece and re-using it seems like the best way to possibly recoup my investment in artwork.

I’m excited for this, and hopefully it’ll turn out well!

Beyond that, I’ve found a very affordable and talented digital cover-making professional who I’ve been using to make more covers. This past year, I’ve gotten new covers for the following stories:
Hard Cash
Points of Power
Multiple O
Ferrari SnowDay

Most of these are set in my “Serpent’s Gifts” universe, an erotic superhero setting, as is the previously mentioned “Bait & Switch.”

Anyway, it’s late, and I need to get back to bed.
Catch you all later!